Jake Gibb: Aug. 6


I haven’t worn the carbon filter mask yet. No one seems to be wearing them and I haven’t heard any horror stories?? I might still throw it on every once in a while.

I was trying to write last night but had to go to orientation. This place is pure energy! It’s so killer walking around the village with all these amazing athletes and trying to guess what they do. The village is a brand new apartment complex that’s huge. They will rent them out for “high end” housing after the Olympics. The ‘birds nest”, which is where Opening Ceremonies and track n field will be held, is insane. It looks like something from an animated movie.

They completely take care of us here. We have food cafeteria with any type of food you could imagine. From McDonalds to Chinese food to breakfast cereals etc… The Americans have basically two apartment building to ourselves. All the individual countries hang flags from their rooms balcony. Everyone wears their countries uni’s or Olympic gear. Dirk Nowinski was in the cafeteria today with his German team. Rafael Nadal came through the airport when we did. He was absolutely mobbed like you wouldn’t believe by paparrazi. They give us these little coke bottle key chains that you swipe at any coke machine to get cokes, water, gatorade etc. They want to keep us hydrated cause it’s so freaking humid and hot here. Even at night I had to take off my jacket outside. We are rooming right next to the woman’s Dive team. They are all 5 footers but cute and told us they almost went into beach volleyball!? Joking around obviously. We share an apartment with Mike Dodd and Troy Tanner (Misty n Kerri’s coach). Rosie n I share a room and they both have their own until Phil n Todd get here tomorrow.

Coming through the airport they fast lane all the athletes through customs then we are taken by bus into the athlete’s village with police escort. The USOC guide was telling us how much the Chinese governmemnt has done as far as cleaning up this place like with painting old building along to route to the games etc. It looks amazing and they are definitely ready for the world. The Chinese helpers couldn’t be any nicer and they all love any attempt at “Shay Shay” (thank you) or Knee how (hello). Those are written how you pronounce it not spelled correctly I’m sure.

I’m gonna go work out now. They have a nice gym for us and I get to go train on center court tonight. It’s good cause all our games are at night. During the day would and will be brutal with heat and humidity.

Anyways, I’m sure there’s more to come, but the first 20 hrs have been unbelievable!



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