Todd Rogers: Thursday, August 7


Got into Beijing last night with Phil. Kind of amazing as there were almost no cars on any of the roads. They have literally taken the vast majority of cars off of the road to clean out the pollution. Doubt that would ever happen in LA.

Spent our first night here in the Olympic Village and today we are moving to the Hilton which is close to the venue. This morning we went to the venue and hit the ball around. Nothing major. Just pass, set, serve kind of thing. Whenever I fly on a long flight my joints protest big time the next day. The nice thing is the humidity warms you up and gets you sweating really quick. Was good to touch the ball at the venue.

The Venue itself is very nice. Center court looks very cool and I can’t wait until it is packed with people and we are playing. Should be very exciting. They have about 7 or 8 courts all around center court for players to practice on.

The air here is difficult to clarify. In that I mean that it looks really bad but the humidity makes it seem much worse than it actually is. The humidity is almost like fog. I will say this, today the sun looked like the moon through the fog, smog, haze or whatever. Pretty trippy.

Going to go hit the gym now. Just had lunch at the BNU which is the american headquarters. Very nice and the food was top notch. The gym is supposed to be very nice here as well. About 55 hours and counting until our first match!


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