Phil Dalhausser: Hey everyone!


This is my first of many blogs describing by experience in Beijing. Enjoy and GO USA!

Last Tuesday, our entire USA Beach Volleyball team flew up to San Jose, CA for Olympics Processing. My partner Todd Rogers had to fly up early to participate in an Ambassador’s program I had done a few months before. I got my two day Olympics Ambassador program out of the way months before Beijing and Todd, who waited until this week, only had to attend a three hour seminar!

Anyways, after arriving in San Jose we headed to San Jose State University for processing. There, we got bags and bags of USA clothing, suitcases, shoes, and everything else imaginable. We got fitted in Ralph Lauren blazers and white pants for Opening Ceremonies…not exactly my style but oh well. After getting fitted, we sat through a presentation on the Olympics and heard from past Olympians, etc. After a long day, we flew back home only to get on another plane a few days later for Beijing.

Todd and I arrived in Beijing yesterday and have just been trying to get acclimated to the time change and weather. We will be playing in the morning here in China which is great for family and friends in the US because it will be on at night but a little harder for us.

Opening Ceremonies are tonight so I will have a lot more to talk about tomorrow. Time for breakfast…GO USA!


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19 Responses to “Phil Dalhausser: Hey everyone!”

  1. Julie Jennings Says:

    Hey Guys,
    Sending some hugs your way…. so keep the inspiration going .( The blog is great. Keep it up.)
    Love to all, Casey’s mom

  2. daev carstenson Says:

    The whole stae of flroida is pulling for you, go get them buddy

  3. dave carstenson Says:

    sorry for mispell, go get them gold is waiting, we are cheering for you

  4. Piper Morgan Says:

    The UCF Volleyball program is cheering for you! We’re so honored to have been able to play with an Olympian!


  5. shawn levoy Says:

    Hey bro. how bout that 4×100 relay? go usa. glad to see you guys back in form. really thought argentinas strategy was gonna work. lol. it’s been pretty damn cool watching all you guys in primetime. cant wait for the tournament to really begin. good luck and lets go gold – silver.

  6. Julie W Says:

    Ok, I love volleyball, have played forever, live in Jupiter Florida, so I have played Beach Volleyball but WOW.
    I seem to have developed a huge crush on you= Tall, lanky, and modest. What a great combination.
    I hope that you are enjoying all that Bejiing has to offer – just stay away from all the strange fried street food they have on sticks!!
    Best wishes and kick some butt in the Bejiing sand!

  7. Pam C Says:

    You guys are sure back on form now! Best of luck, I’ll be eagerly cheering you all the way to gold. Ditto on the crush Julie ;p

  8. Susan Says:

    Hi, Phil! Check out the photos of Marty Burk, the drummer in my band, at our band website: The two of you look a LOT alike. He even wears sunglasses like yours, but you won’t see that in any of the pix.

    I loved watching you play the other night and look forward to the next opportunity. Keep up the great work!

  9. Jacki Lukasik Says:

    You guys did a great job today. That third set was amazing! You deserve the win. I’m cheering you on for the gold.
    Viel Glück!

  10. Dan D Says:

    Phil! I’m a huge fan! You guys are doing great! I just have a quick question…I’m also a huge fan of your shades, I was wondering if you had them made or if I can pick a pair up from Oakley?

  11. Annette Says:

    Hey there!!! All of us in the Heartland are wishing you the best! We have been watching you from work – Shhhhh…. Actually, we got a little loud last night watching your match, so it’s no longer a secret. We are inspired to try some beach volleyball ourselves, but not a lot of ‘beaches’ here in Kansas City!!
    Keep up the awesome job!! As your momma may have said, “You do us proud!!”

  12. Duane Carroll Says:


    Keep up the great play and putting up those huge blocks. I love the block in which your arms were parallel to the ground. HUGE. Good luck with your next match and keep pushing for the gold.

    Ocala in the house.

  13. Kylie Says:

    Dear Phil,
    I really enjoy playing volleyball and watching you play in the Olympics. I hope to go into the Olypics someday too. I’m 10 years old and from Oviedo, FL. Go Knights and the USA!!!!!

  14. Blake Benson Says:

    Dear Phil,
    I am doing a project on you in my fourth grade class. It’s been fun researching all the facts about you. We watch you everytime you play during the olympics. Good luck! GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. MJ Says:

    Oh Phil! Please write more! You are amazing. I’m a huge volleyball fan (and player) and love watching you more every time I see you guys play! In fact, I think I’ve developed a bit of a crush, an amazing volleyball player, a little mysterious, really handsome and sexy too!?! What a combination! Congrats on your awesome Olympic performance!

  16. Craig Says:

    Congrats on the gold Phil! Where can I get a pair of the Oakleys you wear? You’ve got to tell Oakley to release them to the public.

  17. Joe Says:

    Thin Beast! That is the name of the drink my buddies and I invented on the eve of your gold medal match…we drank a shot’s worth every time you had a massive block (you had like 3 in a row in the 3rd set, made it kinda hard to keep up). It’s delicious and reminds one of good times at the beach, denying hard spikes from crossing the net.

    We would be honored if you would ever care to stop by Gainesville and have a couple ‘Dalhaussers’ (we like both names for the drink). Go USA!!!

    P.S. You can bring Rogers too, but he might feel left out since we haven’t invented a drink for him…

  18. Asa Mozzano Says:

    Hey Phil I’m researching you for a Bejing report.You get sick air when you hit,and your an inch taller than my dad!!!

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