Kerri Walsh: Ni hao!


Ni hao, everyone. Good morning from Beijing. It’s officially here!

08.08.08 has finally arrived and I am so excited my heart can hardly take it. I’ve been walking around with a perma-smile and butterflies in my tummy since we got in on the 4th. I feel like a little kid again and it’s wonderful!

So far China has been the ultimate host. People are friendly and helpful, the village is truly amazing (filled with amenities, good food and such a fun place to people watch), transportation has been easy and the venue is awesome. 12,000 people will be cheering us on (at least that’s what we’ll be telling ourselves!) In a huge stadium.

The sand is great, the weather is hot and all seems ready for a fantastic event.

Misty and I have been working hard since we landed. We’ve had the honor and privilege of training with/against Mike Dodd and Karch Kiraly for the past two training sessions. To put it plainly, they are AMAZING! Their skill, ball control, timing and smarts on the court are things we constantly marvel at and try to soak in through osmosis.

Their love of the game and the thrill of competition is so inspiring.

We have the ultimate team in place as we continue our preparations and journey toward the gold medal. Troy Tanner, gold medalist, Karch Kiraly, 3 time gold medalist and Mike Dodd, silver medalist–how lucky are we to have such talents and more importantly, truly wonderful people, on our side. We can’t thank them enough.

I’m off to our “technical meeting” in about 20 minutes. There they will give us the run-down of how the tournament will proceed and what we can expect. It’ll be great to be in the same room with all our competitors and to feel them out. Give them hugs, hand shakes and wish everyone good luck. We have so many friends on the FIVB tour which makes all this even more special. The Olympic Games is such a blessed experience made more so by sharing it with people we love, respect and admire.

I hope you are all wonderful at home. All my love from Beijing. Be well, enjoy the games on NBC and please send us all the good vibes and well wishes you can spare. We’d love to have ’em.



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9 Responses to “Kerri Walsh: Ni hao!”

  1. Annie Says:

    hey kerri. it’s annie from nyc. good luck to you and misty in beijing!! i wish i got the chance to say that to you when you were in coney island, but i asked al to wish you good luck for me. i hope he remembered =P ~ i’ll be watching your match tonight on nbc and i am sure you gals will have an AWESOME game. GO KERRI AND MISTY!! =)

  2. Julie Jennings Says:

    Dear Kerri and Misty,
    Just want you to know that we send you love. So much more to say in the way of appreciation for you and the other great athletes that are competing. Thank you all for being examples of tenacity, diligence and spirit and for recognizing the path that was created “just for you.”

  3. Jocelyn Says:

    Congrats to you and Misty on your first round win, Kerri! I look forward to seeing you both successfully defend your gold medal as well as reading your blogs. I’m sure you’ll be able to speak a little Chinese by the end of the Olympic Games.

    Best wishes!

  4. Julie and Brian Romias Says:

    Dear Misty and Kerri:

    Glad that you are enjoying yourselves in Beijing. We are so proud of you and will be following the tournament closely. Get lots of rest and stay safe, and thanks for all the hard work you put in representing us back at home in the States and down here in SoCal. Hugs to you and of course Butch too!


    Julie and Brian

  5. Mike R - Palmdale Says:

    You guys rocked in your first match! Have fun in China! We are so proud of you!
    Go USA. Hit a kill for me!

  6. Hermosa & Manhattan Beach Says:

    You guys are doing AWESOME!!! Keep it up…and bring home the Gold!!! You 2 are great ambassadors for the USA and beach vb

  7. Karla Q Says:

    Hi Kerri and Misty,
    My name is Karla from Northern CA (Fremont). I wanted to wish you the best in Beijing. Good luck and make us proud.

    Beach volleyball rocks!

  8. Jim Lehmann Says:

    Great Job! You and Misty along with our other three teams are really kicking it up. Needless to say, you’re all AVP’ers. Had a great time shagging for you (I mean that in a professional way) both in Hermosa and Long Beach; I’ll be there in Manhattan. Tell Misty if she doesn’t already know her favorite Long Beach restaurant is opening a branch in the heart of Manhattan Beach. I hope your shaggers over there are holing the balls and not resting them on the sand, remember me now? (Ha,Ha). I also want to personally thank you for after each match and thanking your competitors and officiating crew, you go out of your way to personally thank all of us workers. It’s really special having you come to us. I noticed you doing that in Beijing also. Best ofluck to you and Misty and all of our other teams and be sure to ring back the ‘you know what’.

  9. Tom Workman Says:

    Shalom to Kerri & Misty! Way to go ladies! You Got the Gold! I am so happy for both of you! You guys deserve it.
    All I have to say is “Girl Power – Kicks Butt”!
    Blessings in Y`shua [Jesus], Tom Workman

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