Sean Rosenthal: Greetings from Beijing!


Everywhere I turn I’m reminded of how special these games are and how lucky I am to be a part of them. Right now I’m watching Reid Priddy and the us mens indoor volleyball team battle it out vs. Venezuela. The level that they are playing at is incredible and inspiring. I can’t believe how good Ryan Milar is in transition. He can go from blocking outside to hitting a quick set in the middle faster than anyone I’ve ever seen, except of course my partner Jake Gibb! Jake and I play against our good friends from the Netherlands tonight however for that hour or so that we are battling, we will be anything but friendly.

So much can happen so fast here in Beijing. During the opening ceremonies I was speaking with the president of the united states one minute, taking a picture with Kobe Bryant the next and before I knew it I was in a tunnel, marching out to a stadium that was filled with 100 thousand screaming fans and another billion or so watching on tv.

Priddy heavy stuff… especially when I think back just three years ago when Jake, Mike Dodd (our coach) and I put making the Olympic Team as the first priority of our Team. Now on to #2 on our list of things to do… Bringing home the gold!




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17 Responses to “Sean Rosenthal: Greetings from Beijing!”

  1. The Smith's Says:

    Love the blog Rosie..sounds like you are having fun. Bring home the gold!!!

  2. Joe Manzo Says:

    Rosie sounds like you are having a great time and cherrish all the memories possible. You will do your best and all of us back here wish you all the luck and make our little 8th street proud. Go get the gold.!!

    Joe Manzo

  3. Johnny utah Says:

    I am so proud of you and Jake I was so pumped when I saw you guys walking for USA I got chills when I watched you guys win your first match. Have a blast and good luck

  4. Mike R Says:

    Nice match! Keep up the team USA spirit!

  5. Briley Says:

    I’m so stoked for you Rosie. To think from skating around Redondo to raising hell on 8th street to the Olympics, thats amazing. I will be screaming for you on the side lines of my T.V. Good luck on bringing it home. And try to remember that stage is no different than that little patch of sand back on 8th.

    Chris Briley

  6. Bourbon Says:

    SEANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!! I am so proud of you!!! Caleb is non-stop in front of the TV watching the Olympics and I told him to watch your games for me since I had to work :(….he gives me updates on the daily!!!

    Good luck Thursday! and I can’t wait to watch you go all the way!!!

    xoxo Bourbon

  7. Hermosa & Manhattan Beach Says:

    It’s no 6man….but it still looks like so much fun. Have fun and bring home the Gold.

  8. Addi Says:

    you can do it Rosie!

  9. Ali Oliver Says:

    Rosie, you and Jake are so inspiring to watch!! I met you at the Hermosa Open this year when J Pursley introduced us. He and I teach classes with Siggy in Hermosa. I coach college ball and run a club as well and watching you two brings tears to my eyes every time you play. Seeing you both get fired up really makes me proud to be an American and I only wish I was there courtside to cheer you on. Seriously, you really seem to be in the moment out there and I wish you both the very best of luck! – Ali Oliver

    Hey Roosee!! You and Gibb are looking good. In a big game, if its tight, remember to always believe in yourself and go for 100%. You know what I’m sayin’. I wish you success – bring home a necklace! – JP

    PS – Siggy says “yooooo”

  10. The Smiths Says:

    Hey bubba, we just hung up the R8DRS flag on the patio. It was so nice to hear from you, sounds like you are feeling really good. Keep up the great work. We are all very proud of you no matter what you do.

    XOXO The Smith’s

  11. anan Says:

    Rosie,you are a good player!
    good luck in beijing!

    fan from china

  12. Anan Says:

    Tomorrow you will have a Intense competition ,but trust youself you can do it!

    A fan from china

  13. Joe Manzo Says:

    We are proud of the way you two played this olympics and the enthusiam you showed and the skills you displayed. You two are TRULY olympians and will always be the best ambassadors to the game. See you guys when you get back to the states.!!

  14. Murf the Surf Says:

    We’ll see our boy again in 2012 for Sure!! What a run.

  15. Geoff Nielsen Says:


    You kick ass!! Watching you in the Olympics was pretty surreal! Its amazing to see how far you have come. I can remember you and Dale playing in tournaments together and now the Olympics. UNBELIEVABLE!! You are truly an inspiration to all who know you!! Keep up the hard work!!!!!

  16. Kreiner/Stamper/Smith/Surf CinciCousins Says:

    This is a hoot! I look online and see mi familia loca! Sean, hope we get to meet you in Mason at the AVP. We’ll try to look for you on Saturday. Good luck in the tournament!!!

  17. Kreiner/Stamper/Smith/Surf CinciCousins Says:

    Sean, it was great meeting you Saturday! Wish we could have talked more. Thanks for the photos and autographs, too. We sent them to the family in CA that evening. 🙂 They said the next time you play here they will try to fly out to see us and watch you play. That would be great. I know Sunday wasn’t great, but once you catch up on sleep, things will get better. Good luck for the next one! Take care!
    Debbie & Family 🙂
    PS – Hello to “The Smiths” & “Murf the Surf”!!!

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