Jake Gibb: Yeeeeeeeees!


My first Olympic win. Sheez that felt good! I’ll remember that feeling for a long time. Warming up on the outside court and hearing the crowd in the stadium and getting butterflies every time.

MD’s pep talk before we entered the stadium. Skipping into the stadium after Geeter’s intro. Putting away an overpass to get out the nerves for point 1.

Warmed up in the pouring rain and then it came down harder in the match. Hardest rain I’ve ever played in by far. FIVB Brazil final 06 was 2nd and we didn’t handle the rain very well in that match but I think I learned a few things in this one: First you can’t hit the side of the ball at all. I forget how much we chop the ball in our sport by hitting one side of the ball to control it one way or the other. Hand would just slip right off the ball and I hit 2 line hits out trying it against NED last night. Second hand setting and jump serving is near impossible. With rain pelting you in your eyes its hard enough just to see the ball. And third just want it more. That’s what we kept telling each other.

The match was great to win and now I wish the Dutch the best of luck.

“Super Thin Beast” and Bram (Boersma n Ronnes) are good friends of ours and I hope they can get out of pool play. They are a great team and went 3-0 against us last year. We got 2-0 now this year so we owe em 1 more.

Anyways, I’m fired up to play the Germans tonight! It’s a big game for both teams and we’re gonna come out with some fire.
BTW MD’s pep talk before the match. He said “everyone feels nerves and there are two ways to handle it. You can deny you feel them and fight it until it consumes you. Or you can embrace it and go out and have the time of your lives.” I had the time of my life!


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One Response to “Jake Gibb: Yeeeeeeeees!”

  1. Johnny utah Says:

    Gratz on the wet weather win. Kick A ball control nice job.

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