Jake Gibb: Getting in a groove


Now that was a fun match! We could have set each other better, but besides that we played a really solid game. I’m not being anal, just always want to improve. MD’s words before the match: “You’re gonna remember every game for the rest of your life so go out there and celebrate every good play. He said don’t worry about wasting energy by celebrating..the energy will be there…you’ll find it.”
I felt like we played solid defense and that’s what won us the match.

It felt like we were touching most every hit of the Germans. Our side out game is usually pretty good so when we can cover the whole court well we can cause teams problems. They had some really loud German fans. I am amazed with how many USA flags there are in the stands though. It is so fun to see all the support.

The Hilton is insane. We moved in here right before opening ceremonies. The have this killer executive lounge with couches, food 24/7, and flat screens with Olympics being played. Our rooms are brand new and perfect to get full nights of sleep. Jane has been coming over every few nights for “conjugal visits” (as Geeter n MD call em). I like staying alone for the most part though just to remind myself why I am here and stay focussed. The toughest part of it all has got to be the mental side. 2 days between each game is a long time to remain focussed and ready.


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5 Responses to “Jake Gibb: Getting in a groove”

  1. AVPFan Says:

    I am really enjoying reading your blog posts and just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to share your experiences with us! Your excitement is contagious and we can feel it through the TV! GREAT JOB so far and keep it up!!!

  2. Chris Pinkston Says:

    Gibb – you and Sean are the best out there! I can tell how much you want that gold medal. Now go and get it! BTW, I don’t remember you being this good in Costa Rica. Haha! Pinky

  3. Amy Says:

    I played volleyball in high school and really miss playing so it is very enjoyable watching all the volleyball matches. I like the beach volleyball the best. I just cannot imagine playing with only two people. You and Sean have been doing really well! Best of luck to you! We are cheering you on back here in the USA!

  4. Colleen Says:

    I’ve been watching every match, and you guys are playing great. Keep it up and go get that medal you both so badly want. GO USA!!!

  5. Utah boys Says:

    You and Rosie are doin great. Way to fight and pull out some of those wins, baby. Keep focused, mang. From all of the Utah boys. See you at the next AVP.

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