Special from Chris “Geeter” McGee


Gomar Nhi Hao!  or as we say Whats up bud!  hanging in Beijing going on day…i have no idea what day who are we kidding.  I went to the airport straight from the AVP Crocs San Diego tourney, kissed the wife and baby, and now I am all dialed in Beijing style.

Here’s the deal-so far its been a lot of work…and not much play.
The first 5 days were boring and repetitive as we sat in meetings, tried to understand each other, sat in meetings, announced fake matches, and prepared 96 player bios with the Austrian announcer Tom for the Chinese announcers so we would all be on the same page.

Then something happened…the Olympics, and i remembered why i was here and how awesome this job can be.  Finally, a dream of mine fulfilled…I thought i would win a gold medal one day as an athlete…but who are we kidding, at least I’m here now in some capacity.  My job here is the English speaking MC for beach volleyball.  I don’t get to do any NBC interviews but i do get to hang in the NBC tents on my breaks…and if you saw the box lunch provided for me you would see that the NBC tent is like the Four Seasons Maui.

I’ve also been able to spend time with the AVP peops and players at the Hilton.  The Hilton is unreal in Beijing…world-class food and VIP lounge is chill.  I usually go there or the Oakley safehouse whenever i get a free moment, but those moments are rare.

The matches have been awesome! It is an absolute blast doing matches with so many people really invested in the game and showing pride for their colors.  NBC requested I do all the USA matches, and i can tell you there is nothing in my professional field like announcing for our AVP players at the Olympics.  The energy is phenomenal, the pressure is thick, and our athletes are loved over here.  I’m surprised how many people know us from avp.com, Crocs Lounge, and the DiG Show.  I have had to do the worm and many other of my favorite 80’s breakdance moves more times in 5 days of competition then in the last 5 years because people from other countries are requesting them.  It’s pretty cool to know they follow and love the AVP and even more cool that I get to the stuff that you and i…and my loved ones are sick of seeing…

It has dumped rain on us a few times and it makes Dallas ’08 look like a SoCal drizzle. I miss the sun by the way (it looks like a raisin that rears its head on occasion). The crowds have been really strong and there are a few matches that stick out.

1) Latvia upsetting Phil and Todd. I was shocked, sad, and amazed all in one.  As friends, I was pulling for them, as an announcer it was crazy to see it happen…i knew they would be fine..and now they are looking great.  The “Beijing Beast” is catching fire…people love him! The Professor has been flawless the last 2 matches.

2) EY and Nicole look strong and physical and had a battle with Cuba that had the place going crazy. They were so pumped after!  It was cool to be a part of it.

3) Jake and Rosie giving Germany #1 a complete Beijing hazy meeching was the best.  Those guys are playing awesome and are living in the moment and really enjoying themselves.  The Raiders have landed and the Chinese are learning why we call Rosie “Superman”.

4) As for Kerri and Misty…well they are so huge and so well known, it still amazes me.  They look like the rest of our USA squad…on a mission to make America proud and bring home the gold!

Any match china plays, rain or shine, there are 12, 000 people here going crazy.  I can scream anything and they yell back at me “JI-YO”, which means “lets goooooo”.  It’s really something else.  i have learned a few key phrases and they seem to appreciate my effort at learning their language.  I see it like this- I am like their Long Duck Dong in Sixteen Candles or Sim Young in Girls Next Door to them…kind of like their mascot and someone they can laugh at…I mean with…

Anyway, hopefully I can bring you something more exciting next time.
I hope you are all well and hope that beach volleyball continues to get the national love I hear it’s getting back on the home-front. Feel free to write your comments and questions!  I would love to hear your thoughts and keep you updated best I can from my perspective.

Bye Bye…that’s goodbye in chinese homies


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8 Responses to “Special from Chris “Geeter” McGee”

  1. Dale Smith Says:

    Loved your blog…Rosie and Jake are playing great. Have talked with Sean a couple of times and he says he is feeling good. Keep Meat and Borman out of trouble.

  2. Mike Monnin Says:

    I’m enjoying the blogs from all the stars (and Chris too). I hope you are all feeling the love!

    I’m really excited for and with Jake and Sean. Those guys are playing so great and my fingers are crossed for all USA finals on both the mens and womens side.

    I’m guessing the Latvia boyz are for reals. I’m curious to see how they do with the Bracketology.

    While you hang at the Oakley safe house, grab me a pair of those lens-less USA numbers and a couple rolls of the Kinesio tape! It’s funny what creates all the buzz back here in the states. Give us a FULL report!

    Also, I hope all 4 of our olympic teams are planning on visiting my hometown of Mason, Ohio! I’ll be there with my daughters on Saturday morning shagging balls with the rest of the GE volunteers. Look me up if you make it out to the “far” courts!

  3. alan beverly Says:

    geeter…hope that you lead our guys and gals to the medal rounds….enjoy yourself there….it’s great to hear you in the background after points are scored with the music blaring i.e. avp style….go usa, and hope to see you back in birmingham, atlanta, charleston on the avp tour next year….my wife and i met in birmingham, then on to atlanta then chicago 2 years ago….you are the ultimate spokesman for the sport sir…thank you

  4. Joe Manzo Says:

    Wow the Geeter is learning another lagguage other than beach lingo. I am really impressed and I am sure all the chinese are just as amazed. Anyways.. enough of the laughter and friend humor, it is great to hear that you are having such a good time and of course to break out the WORM again that just is amazing as well. I know being a broadcaster your bias opinion is hard when the USA is playing, but we all know deep down inside where your heart lies as well as your friendship. I hope you have a great time and bring back lots of pictures and stories. One more thing, you were missed this year in the 6-man, but not to fear because the guys in hawaiian shirts took the tourney.! See you soon

    Joe Manzo

  5. Jim Lehmann Says:

    Hey Chris, or should I say, Gomar Nhi Hao! Wonderful to read your blog, and from watching it on tv it looks like the spirit and energy of the AVP is alive and thriving in Beijing. From the sounds I pick-up on tv it also sounds like the folks running the event have been in contact with Jeremy with regards to the music. I’ve had so much fun working the events here in Hermosa and Long Beach, including multiple matches with all of our Olympians, I can hardly wait for the granddaddy of Manhattan Beach. Maybe they could bring all four of their medals (I would say two gold and two silver, but I don’t want to jinx them) along when two of them most likely will receive their Crocs Cup! Nice seeing any land-locked area ‘creating’ a beach, but there’s nothing like the real thing here in SoCal. I’ll keep reading al of the enternaining blogs and see you all in September.

  6. Mario Says:

    Geeter, it’s wild in the states thru all of this and all I’m saying is keep somethingin the tank as you will need it in Mason in 2 weeks! bring the “A” game, bring the worm and of course, bring the wife and kid! Love ya and see ya soon!

  7. Michael "Luker" Luke Says:

    What you gonna do when Lukamania runs wild on you?!?! What’s up McGee? Watching beach volleyball in the Olympics has been awesome here in the US, and it’s cool you got to go to go to China. Your blog was fantastic, and I can’t wait to hear more reports from China. Let the boys and girls know we’re all rooting for them, and when breaking out the dance moves, remember to show ’em how we do it in the RP (that’s Reseda Park to you and me). Maybe we’ll see you in Vegas again. Go USA!!!

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