Branagh: Cuba again


Ni hao!! I just wanted to send a quick hello from Beijing! We are having a great time here, the people are so friendly, and the venues are amazing, especially beach volleyball. We have had awesome crowds at all of our matches and it is so fun for me to have my family and friends here. They are having a blast. I have been able to hangout with them a little bit, but believe it or not our days get filled up quickly! I thought we would have more time to see other events and other stuff, but we have been pretty busy. We’ll see the last few days.

We finished our pool play last night with a tough match against Cuba.
With that win we won our pool 3-0. So, we waited for the draw to be announced and found out we will face Cuba tomorrow morning.

The fun and excitement continues. It is an honor to be here and an amazing feeling walking out on the court hearing people chant USA. We look forward to great games ahead for all US teams……..thank you for all the cheers and support! We can hear you all the way from the US!! Keep it comin’!



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3 Responses to “Branagh: Cuba again”

  1. ALIN Says:


    You are awesome and definitely one of my favorite athletes. It has been great watching you and EY play, and I just wanted to wish you guys all the best as you keep bringing your A-game in Beijing! We’re all rooting for you back home and would like nothing more than a USA matchup during the gold medal match. Keep pushing and hope you get to soak up all that Beijing has to offer! Take care and congrats on your Olympic debut. GO USA!!

  2. Kelly Oneil Says:

    Nicole and EY,
    Congratulations on your success this year. Be proud of all that you have accomplished TOGETHER both this and last year. Don’t forget you are outstanding athletes and role models for women athletes everywhere!
    Bravo to you both.
    Kelly O- PT 😉

  3. Beth McDowell Says:

    Nicole and EY — You two women are fantastic!!! It was amazing to watch you play for the United States in Beijing. You rocked it, and I’ll definitely be following your blog to see where you go next. Everyone is so proud. Enjoy the rest of your time in Beijing. You totally deserve it. Take care…and Go Matts!

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