Geeter: Bonding time with Kobe


What up??  great day today, women won first round and the men get ready for their round of 16 matches tomorrow morning…Im freaking nervous out here in Beijing.  I mean Belgium up 20-17 in game 1, I almost dropped the mic and had a heart attack.  However, as usual, the ladies found a way to climb back and crush them.  You have to give belgium some credit…I know that isn’t easy but they played great in game 1 and didnt make any mistakes…until 20-17, but it’s the olympics and im finding out that anything can happen.   EY and nicole gave cuba a complete meeching and that was good to see.  They played their game and were just flat out better than cuba.  Both China teams won and so did Brazil so it’s on in 2 days for the women.  We got ey/nicole taken on China’s number 2 team and kerri/misty taking on larissa ana-paula from brazil…if they win those, it’s medal time for both US teams.

The rest of the day ruled too.  I went with mike dodd, rosie, gibb, casey and his cousin, avp’s jackie, 8th street meet, raider ethan, chris schneider from hermosa and his gal jamie carrol, and PT kelly to “silk town” to buy suits.   What a site this was, all of us hacks bartering and dialoging with the chinese….absolutely classic.  It was a war, and in the end, they made some money, we think we got a great deal, and Meat got his first suit of his life at 28 years old…it was a banner day!

One of the coolest things to happen for me at the Games was hanging with Kobe the other day at the venue.  He was in a room watching a match after watching EY and Nicole play and I was in there with Kobe and his Nike buddy.  It was awesome, he was engaging and cool and into the volleyball.  We chatted lake show, the six man, and I name dropped Luke Walton and a couple of other guys to help my street cred.  I told him I always covered the visitors sideline during the laker games and that one day I was going to move up to the big time and get the lakers locker room…he said let him know what he can do to help…I don’t think he meant it but it would be funny to ask him for his help next season.  I was kind of glad he didn’t realize that I was the weirdo in the laker locker room before and after games that always listens to his press conference but never asks a question…kind of like a stalker.  I do the same thing with Phil, I just watch…kind of creepy, but you never know when im gonna get called from the visitor side to the home team.

Anyway, it’s 1 am, just skyped the wife and baby and now its off to bed and get ready for USA Men to meech some foools down.



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3 Responses to “Geeter: Bonding time with Kobe”

  1. Jocelyn Says:

    I love your blogs, Geeter!

    BTW, congrats on the article on you. Here’s the link in case you missed it:

    See ya,

  2. Joe Manzo Says:

    At last Geeter has taken an 8th streeter of the sand and into the office by helping him purchase his first suit. We thank you from the sand to the offices and god help all of us when all of 8th street is wearing suits to an AVP event. Sounds like its a blast and I see you are doing a good job as a chaperone, keep up the good work and maybe KOBE will be with FLETCH STREET next year.!

  3. Michael "Luker" Luke Says:

    Awesome work, McGee. Game 1 of the Walsh/May match vs. the Belgians was nerve-racking. Had it on in the background, expecting the US ladies to cruise. Then, ended up yelling, screaming and cheering at the TV so loudly, Laura had to wonder if a UCLA or ND football game was on. McGee hanging with Kobe?!?! That’s unbelievably cool. Who knew Kobe was a fan of the beach vb? Did you tell Kobe how you hit a towering, monster-shot, 400 ft. homer off former major leaguer Joey Rosselli when we were playing ball at the RP (or has the length of the homer grown an extra 50 ft. by now)? If not, try to work that story in next time you see the Kobester. Later, Geeter. Looking forward to the next blog report from China. This former Reseda Park Little League legend is out. Go USA!!!

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