Phil Dalhausser: On a roller coaster


Well, it has been a roller coaster of emotions the past few days but Todd and I have found our groove and won’t stop until we bring home the gold. After our performance and outcome against Latvia in our first game of the Olympics, we have been playing pretty well and are No. 2 in our pool. We will begin single elimination tomorrow when we face the Swiss.

Outside of volleyball, I want to give you all a quick rundown of what’s been going on. Opening Ceremonies was such a great experience.

Being in a room and chatting with USA’s best athletes was a moment to remember. Kobe, LeBron, Dwight Howard, and Carmelo Anthony. Even though it was a long day and I was up on my feet for 8 or so hours the day before I played, it was definitely worth it. Todd and I have been trying to stick to a routine while we are here in Beijing. We work out at BNU (USOC’s workout facility) during the day, hang out at our hotel, and try to catch as much indoor and beach volleyball as we can. Last night, we went to a sushi party at the Oakley safehouse and today we are gearing up for our first match in bracket play.

I want to throw out a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to fellow teammate Kerri Walsh!



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17 Responses to “Phil Dalhausser: On a roller coaster”

  1. Annette Says:

    OK – Not to be offensive – but you scare me!!!
    If you were going for the ‘kill’ and it were directed anywhere in my proximation, I would run for the hills. I know that they measure the speed of baseballs thrown – but has anyone ever measured the impact you all deliver?
    Obviously we only play recreationally here, but my Lord!!! We will be watching – and maybe wishing we could get some pointers from ya’ll for our recreational team.
    I wonder – do you ever get together to just have a beer and play some v-ball?

  2. Amy Says:

    I was definitely watching the Swiss game cheering You and Todd on even though at times it was definitely scary thinking you lost one set and it was 0-6 on the third but I had faith in you two to pull it off. Congratulations! I am watching all the volleyball I can – it is so exciting!
    Yeah when I was playing volleyball, everyone was scared of my serves and spikes – that’s a good start to some great kills and games.
    I think it is great that some of you are updating this site with how things are going over there for you!!
    Keep up the great work! Best of Luck to you two!

  3. Colleen, Nancy & Olivia Says:

    We’re watching every match guys. GO GET THAT GOLD MEDAL!

  4. Shawna Says:

    Im not usually this blunt, but i am in love with you “Big” Phil. I want to see you in nothing but that gold medal your gonna bring home. go get it tiger.

  5. Anne-Marie Says:

    is it true that some of you volleyball guys have signed on w Playgirl to do a “Men of Beijing” issue in oct? just curious, and interested! lol

  6. Dave Says:

    Todd and Phil, you guys rock! Kick some ass tonight!!!

  7. Annette Says:


  8. Julie W Says:

    WOW = Congratulaions on an outstanding Gold Metal match – of course it is midnight, however my adrenaline is pumping, jumping for joy for you both.
    Enjoy the ride, it was VERY well deserved.
    Julie in Jupiter πŸ™‚

  9. Kristen Says:

    Phil, you rock! – Kristen in Virginia Beach

  10. Michael "Luker" Luke Says:

    Nothing could stop the Professor and the Thin Beast on their way to gold! You were like the new Great Wall of China in that last set…nothing could get by you. Congrats to you and the Prof!!! Go USA!!!

  11. Karen Says:

    A very BIG congrats to both Phil and Todd! My old stomping rounds are Huntington Beach and Santa Barbara…watching the two of you tear up the sand made me quite homesick! πŸ™‚ You are AMAZING athletes and you have truly made your country proud! GO CELEBRATE!!! πŸ™‚

  12. Sean Says:

    It was wild watching Phil play, I wish I played as well as he did. I think i have his look down though, almost like looking in a mirror. The Beijing Beast was on fire that last game in the finals.

  13. Kirby Says:

    Phil you’re not only THE most awesome player, you are amazing to watch, in every sense of the word! I’d never watched a match of beach vollyball before Beijing, and now, thanks to you, it’s my new favorite sport to watch! I’m sure I’m not alone and there are quite a few ladies out there thinking the same thing. Thanks for the thrill of watching you and most of all for the pride you brought to our country!

  14. Kelly Witt Says:

    You made history!!!!! TEAM USA GET’S GOLD. I am so proud to be an American because of the Heros and the Athletes of the USA. I watched it all and I am just amazed. The height and elbow power that you attain is increadable. What’s it like to play a sport that you obviously love, represent USA, and come out winners? In my book, even if yall didn’t win, you both are winners for just being there. All USA athletes who got Gold, Silver, Bronze or didn’t place medal are all winners. Welcome home! Love that American soil called sand.

  15. professorleslie Says:

    1. Congratulations on the gold – that must be freaking you the hell out.

    2. There are 55 freshmen and sophomore English students in Atlanta that love you. They swear that I graded their essays with much more compassion while doing in front of televised beach volleyball games. They are very sad that the Olympics are over, as I am back to my evil and spiteful self. Regardless, they think you rock, and their teacher agrees.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Last night we attended a wonderful

  17. Garry Says:

    Last night I was honored to shake your hand at a private event. I became a huge fan of beach volleyball during the olympics and you were the reason why. It was wonderful to see you relax and have you back playing in the U.S.A. . Good luck in the future and always remain the great guy you are. Also ,please let the professor know how much I appreciate his play and you guys together will always be gold.

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