AVP Blog: Update …


Some good news … some bad news.

Unfortunately, USA Women’s team Nicole Branagh/Elaine Youngs were eliminated from Olympics competition as the Chinese defeated them in two games. With the hometown China crowd drowning any USA cheering at Chaoyang Park and a few service errors Nicole and EY will now be on the sidelines cheering on the rest of Team USA!

And some good news! In two games, Phil Dalhausser and Todd Rogers advance to the semi-finals. In a close game 2, Phil and Todd put it away 24-22 making an all-Americal final that much more a reality. Stay tuned for updates from Gibb/Rosenthal later tonight!


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2 Responses to “AVP Blog: Update …”

  1. Michael Says:

    I was sad to see EY and Nicole lose. They are two of the most exciting players out there and EY brings an intensity to the game that can’t be matched. I really thought they had a chance for gold. I wish Todd and Phil had that same spark but despite their success, they are tough to watch. In fact they seem bored themselves most of the time. Rosie and Matt, what a team, like EY and Nicole, they get me screaming at the monitor. Always have been a fan of MMT and KW. Misty has no equal. If they lose it won’t be because of her.

    A note to EY: Do not go away. I am able to get to 2 AVP tournaments a year and you are always the 1st player I look up. 4 years from now you’ll still have a lot more intensity, talent, tenacity than 99% of your peers. The Queen of the Beach 4 more years then olympics 2012. That’s what I’m talking about. —-Mike

  2. pedro Says:

    what’s the story with young blocking and leaving nicole to play d? that is the most backward strategy i have ever witnessed plus young complaining about nicole’s sets, how about passing the ball once and a while. nicole should have been blocking 100% of the time (with a float serve for no errors instead of trying to bang service winners) and have young play d. nicole should leave young on the flight home and find a scrappy partner who can pass, hit, and dig.

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