Jake Gibb: What a cover!


Rosie’s cover at 18-17 and then the put away with the left hand was the play of our partnership. Man that was big! Instead of 18-18 it went to 19-17 and we scored the next 2 points for the win.

Man I felt like I was in a spinning daze cause every time I’d turn around Rosie had dug another ball and all I had to do was set him. He absolutely carried me. Sooo fun baby!

I seriously am having the time of my life right now. I expected a lot of pressure and emotion, but never that I would have this much fun.

Last night was the first full stadium we had for a match. USA Jai Yo!

That chant will be in my head for forever. Crowd is so loud and into it. I guess my brother John was leading a chant with the Chinese people saying ” Megua” and everyone would yell “jai yo! I can’t wait to get out there again. Two days is way too long. But then again I get to enjoy each victory to its fullest this way. I can’t believe how much I look forward to emails from friends and family about their impressions of the match or coverage we get.

I’m now sitting in the Hilton executive area where they have food and couches to lounge. We’re going to the silk district today to shop and just experience a bit of the Chinese bargaining skills. I got a tailor made suit from there two days ago and have to go in for another fitting today. Ok this is boring stuff but this is what we do on our days off.



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4 Responses to “Jake Gibb: What a cover!”

  1. johnnyutah Says:

    Hansen and I were yelling so loud durning the match we each lost our voices that game was so fun to watch.

  2. AVPFan Says:

    Wahoo!!! You guys did GREAT, congratulations on such a great run in Beijing – I have been watching beach volleyball for years and have never had so much FUN as when I watch you and Rosie! I agree that the 18-17 play will go down in history – amazing!

  3. Mike Monnin Says:

    It has been a lot of fun watching you and Sean rage through the olympics! I can’t think of two finer individuals to represent our country. True ambassadors for the sport, the AVP and our country!

    Thank you for so well representing all of us that love the sport and our country.

    I’m looking forward to thanking you both in person when you come back stateside for the AVP-Mason, Ohio event.

  4. Eric Rockel Says:

    Jake: You and Rosie did a great job in Beijing. I know you wanted to come home with a medal, but more importantly, you played great ball throughout and you represented your Country and the AVP with class. Like the cliche says: You’ll get um next time!

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