Kerri Walsh: Ni Hao, everyone!


It’s Tuesday afternoon here in Beijing and it’s been an amazing day! Misty and I won our match this morning against Brazil and now we’ve made our way into the finals! Our first goal has been accomplished and now our sites are set on our second goal–the gold medal!!

Our match was great! We played pretty well, and had a great time; winning tends to be good times! Afterward, Misty and I had the chance to meet some of the members of USA Basketball who came to the venue to watch us play. Mist and I did media, signed some autographs and then were ushered into this tiny little room where the boys were hanging out. First person I saw when I walked in was my dear friend, Chris (Geeter) McGee followed by Kobe, Chris Paul, Kidd, Price and Lebron.

It was such a trip!! Just the knowledge that they would take the time to come and watch us play was AMAZING, but then to have them wait so we could meet them properly was truly insane! They all seemed like great guys; all very excited to be at the Olympics and to be doing as well as they have been doing. If the look in their eyes is any indication of how they’ll end up here in Beijing, all I have to say is WATCH OUT WORLD!! They are on a mission, as are we, and hopefully we can all accomplish our goals and make our dreams come true.

What a day! All my love, a big hug and smile from Beijing. Tonight we go to support our women’s indoor team in their match against Italy and then the preparation begins for our match v. China on the 21st. Please keep sending your love and good vibes our way. We love it, we need it and we appreciate it. It all helps!


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24 Responses to “Kerri Walsh: Ni Hao, everyone!”

  1. ALIN Says:

    Kerri & Misty-

    All the best during the finals! Being a native Californian, I’ve been following the AVP tour for several years and you guys have been amazing to watch. You truly are a dominant force and inspire athletes all across the world. Like Misty said, “jia you China” translates to “go USA” and don’t forget that, as everyone here in the States is rooting for you guys. Keep doin’ what you’re doing and it’s time to dominate. Keep up all the great work and most importantly, have fun!!

  2. MichaelJ Says:

    Kerri & Misty
    Congratulations on accomplishing your first goal and making it to the finals. As an extremely amateur player it is amazing to watch you both play and very proud to watch the way you both conduct yourselves on and off the sand.
    Best of luck in the final match, I know you will do well, and you have already made us so proud of you both back in the States.
    We’re all rooting for you. Have a great time, enjoy the rest of your Olympic games, and do your best. It’s all anyone or you can ask.
    We believe in you, send our love, and can’t wait to watch you bring home the Gold.

  3. Julie and Brian Romias Says:

    Kerri and Misty:

    We’re so proud of you (and, of course, of the rest of the delegation)! From what we can see on TV back here in SoCal, you two are playing the best beach volleyball of your careers right now! Good luck in the final–you are going to be great! And give a hug to Butch from us!

    Julie and Brian Romias

  4. Gene Getz Says:

    First off, Thanks!!! You guys tear up the sand… I am glad you are on our team or America would feel helpless!!!! Between you two and Phelps, and some others. This Olympics has shattered records and gotten some incredible wins. I am glued to watching as I can. Keep up the great work and GO FOR THE GOLD!

    P.S. Congrats also on your undefeated record… Unbelievable!

  5. Kelli O'Brien Says:

    Hello Kerri! Me & my sister are HUGE fans of you & Misty! We have yet to miss a match during the Olympics! You have really inspired me to become a beach volleyball player . I hope you guys can bring home the gold & have fun while doing it! Congrats on all your victories & keep them coming!

  6. K2 Says:

    Hey Ladies,

    You are playing awesome. All my volleyball friends are cheering for you. I even got my non-volleyball friends into it and now they are watching too and cheering you on!! It is so exciting to see you both play. All of us can’t wait till the AVP comes to Peoria, AZ at the end of Sept. so we can see you play in person.

    Anyway-play hard, play strong and GO FOR THE GOLD!!!!!

    Oh, and Kerri I have major shoulder problems too…send me some of that tape : )

  7. Wendy Brunke Says:

    YOU GO GIRLS!!!! It has been so great seeing you go for the Gold! I play lots of volleyball also, obviously not at your level! Can’t wait to see you in Cincy, hopefully you girls will make it there and not be too tired! Last year was the first time I went, and I had the great pleasure of meeting you both! THANKS FOR YOUR TIME!!

    It is a true gift that you two have and you are awesome together! Play hard, focus and play your game!!!! Best of Luck and God Bless!

  8. Anon Says:

    Kerri, Misty May, I think you both are great. I think you are excellent role models for good sportsmanship. My five-year-old daughter and I play volley ball in the living room with semi-deflated helium balloons. It is great fun.

    I know you are very busy constantly training, so you may not be up on current events. You need to know that President Bush is a war criminal. He is responsible for the deaths of 1.2m people in Iraq. His policies advocate kidnappings and torture. He has shown he hates the rule of law and hold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in absolute contempt. If there is any justice in the world, he will be tried at The Hague for Crimes Against Humanity.

    Why in the world would you pose for a picture with him?

  9. Trish Says:

    Kerri and Misty
    Way to go on making the finals, you two are doing a great job!!!! Keep playing the way you are and the China team won’t know what hit them (even though they have your old coach) You two can bring home the GOLD!!!!!

    You show what hard work and dedication can do and give hope to those that don’t have hope by watching you do what you have set out to do so keep doing what your doing.

    Make your dreams come true and bring home that Gold medal, will be watching and sending all the good vibes I can, we are having a beach volleyball party here tonight so there will be lots of vibes coming your way from this corner of the world!!!!!!

  10. Kris Says:

    To Anon at 11:33am….go post your ridiculous political rants elsewhere. This is not the place for your liberal nonsense. Our girls just won GOLD! Kerri and Misty are friends of President Bush and support him and our country. Congrats angels, the USA loves you. Way to bring home the gold, again!

  11. Michael "Luker" Luke Says:

    I just want to say, you and Misty totally rock. I started watching beach volleyball off and on probably a little before Athens, mostly because I heard an old buddy of mine from my little league days, Chris McGee, was MCing the AVP events. You and Misty are by far my favorite team to follow, and my wife and I were cheering like crazy while watching you girls win gold. London may be a long time in the future, but hope you ladies aren’t ruling out the possibility of a three-peat! Congrats! Go USA!

  12. jim Says:

    Kerri what are three B’s your coach talks about? thanks

  13. Bill Says:

    Anon 11:33….I am at a loss for words. Way to take an amazing accomplishment by great American athletes and belittle all that they have worked for the past 25 years of their lives.

    I hope you were able to catch their post match interview when Kerri personally thanked their friend President Bush on NBC live. I’m sure you won’t see a replay of that anywhere, but it was awesome. USA!

  14. Dave Says:

    Gold, there is not substitute. Kerri and Misty, it was a pleasure watching you in pool play and winning the gold was something special. Keep on, keepin on!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Teresa Says:

    Kerri and Misty, congratulations on winning gold once again. I was on the edge of my seat through every play. You are truly two amazing women. An inspiration. Kerri, you are my hero.

  16. Sean O Says:

    A agree that Anon’s post was inappropriate for this site and occasion.
    But, I must admit, I was dumbfounded to see two people I admire posing with him. I am guessing they did not have a real choice. There would be a public relations nightmare if they refused a picture with the president during the Olympics.

  17. Greg Says:

    You two looked so hot wearing your whites in the rain! Congratulations on your insane run! Have a safe trip home and hope to see you in SF. Love you both!

  18. Trish Says:

    Way to go on the awesome win and making your dream come true, you guys did great in representing our country, and representing volleyball in a great way. Watching you two play and win and the joy that you show is awesome. You two show how much enjoyment you get from the hard work you have put in, Keep up the good work because it is fun watching beach volleyball when you play.

  19. Tom Workman Says:

    Shalom to Kerri & Misty! Way to go ladies! You Got the Gold! I am so happy for both of you! You guys deserve it.
    All I have to say is “Girl Power – Kicks Butt”!
    Blessings in Y`shua [Jesus], Tom Workman

  20. Linda Says:

    Congratulations! What am amazing journey for your second gold. You and Misty as always showed class and fortitude in accomplishing your goals. I also wanted to wish you the best as you start on your new journey of starting families. Last year at Manhattan Beach AVP tournament you stopped under the tent where I had my twin babies, you were between games and you got right on the ground with them. I knew then that you were ready and will make a wonderful mom.
    All my best,

  21. Matt Says:

    Not only are you amazing athletes but also look finneeee in bathing suits..Congrats ladies. Go USA!


  22. Liz A Says:

    You’d have so many reasons to gloat and feel superior, but you ladies are the most humble, kindest and appreciative professional athletes in the world! We’ve been cheering you on here in Boulder, CO for years and finally got a chance to see play live on the AVP. Come back! As many of your devoted fans have stated before, we can’t thank you enough for always being so approachable and gracious. You embody everything that is good in the US and you prove that hard work and dedication pay off. Congrats on the gold. Can’t wait for London.

  23. edrina Says:

    Great job Golden Lions !!
    I knew you would win the Gold when I saw you hold up the oranges with such confidence and joy !!!

  24. jj Says:


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