AVP Blog: Todd & Phil clinch


Todd Rogers and Phil Dalhausser clinched a medal today as they crushed Georgia 21-11, 21-13 in one of the quickest match in the Olympics. The victims of the Dalhausser/Rogers beatdown were Renato Gomes and Jorge Terceiro…those names may ring a bell as they are native Brazilians that became Georgia citizens to compete in the Olympics. Because of the country quota system on the FIVB, only two teams from each country are given Olympic berths. With Emanuel/Ricardo and Marcio/Fabio receiving the berths, Gomes/Terceiro found other means to the Olympics through Georgia.

On Friday (Thursday evening in the US), Todd and Phil will play against Brazil’s Marcio and Fabio, who upset reigning gold medalists and Brazil’s number 1 team of Emanuel and Ricardo 22-20, 21-18. Kerri
Walsh and Misty May-Treanor will compete for the gold medal in the women’s final Thursday (Wednesday evening in the US) against China. If they succeed, they will make history as the first team ever to win consecutive gold medals in beach volleyball. The win will also mark
Kerri Walsh’s 100th victory.


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One Response to “AVP Blog: Todd & Phil clinch”

  1. Volleyball Tribe Says:

    I can’t wait for the Finals!

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