Geeter: Going for Gold!


What up? A lot has happened here in Beijing since the last time we got down to blogging. Phil/Todd and Misty/Kerri are playing for gold!

EY, Nicole, Jake, and Sean lost but represented us well. It was hard to see those teams lose, they had tough draws and the games were closer than it looked …nice job guys and thanks for all you did for team USA!

Well not to name drop but I did get to hang after Kerri and Misty gave the Brazis a beat down in the semis with…are you ready? Kobe, LeBron, Chris Paul, Jason Kidd, and Tayshaun while we watched China play each other. It was surreal, and very cool. They were awesome and into it, and loved the kerri and misty. When the girls came into meet them after and thank them for coming, the NBA stars were the ones loving it. The only question i had, was how in the world did I get in here and who do I think i am…god it was beauty. Had to send out a couple of texts to my homies just to let them know how i was rollin!

I went with Julian Prosser who is a 3x Aussie Olympian and god, Greg Noyes, Casey Jennings, and a few friends to Hou Hai district which is a bar district yesterday after the girls won the semi to hang out and caught magic in a bottle. This place is unreal…it has bars all around this lake, or glorified pond. We rented a little boat, loaded up beers, and took this young chinese dude with a guitar after we paid him a little cash and cruised around all day as we sang Hotel California and some other made up songs for hours on end. We called the kid “Beijing Lambo” because of the guitar, but he sang actually like William Hung. Anyway, beijing Lambo was awesome, and we had one of the most classic days ever.

Today, Phil and Todd dominated the Brazillians….i mean georgians and they will be playing for gold…

I saw Tianeman Square,the Forbidden city, and the Summer palace all today …that ruled, so much history and really glad we did it. i actually feel like i’ve learned something and saw some things…still have to the Great Wall.

Bottom line, the trip is almost over, soon i’ll be hugging the wife and baby and chilling in the south bay, but first…we gotta win gold.

Kerri and Misty, then Phil and Todd. I can’t wait to be announcing and witnessing history. I don’t want to jinx anything so i’ll hit you up after we crush it.

By the way, I ate a scorpian today…glorified dorito really. Cool to say I did it, but they didn’t need to bring 10 to the table, we all only needed one.

lets do this



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7 Responses to “Geeter: Going for Gold!”

  1. Craig G.- Fairfield, California Says:

    Hey Geeter!

    I listen to you all the time when you are on with Joe Grande and Joe McDonnell on 570 KLAC. The work you do is awesome. Hopefully I’ll get to meet you when the AVP comes to San Francisco next month. Great job at the Olympic, too. It must have been a great experience, especially since the U.S. proved to be the best. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

    Craig G. in Fairfield, California

  2. Michael "Luker" Luke Says:

    Laura and I watched the girls win gold last night, Geeter, and this time I think I did hear you in the background, which was really cool. Kerri and Misty are just awesome beyond words, and I know the boys will take care of their business too. Sounds like a great trip, and I can’t believe you ate a scorpion. Weren’t you the one that wouldn’t try my mom’s spam?!?!?! Later, Luker

  3. Neilan Says:

    Dang, man! While I was content up to now to think the stars of the Beijing Olympics were primarily Phelps, Nastia and Shaun, the two gold-winning volleyball pairs of men and women and several others?


    It’s YOU, man.

    You’re hilarious. Probably did more for volleyball during your stint on the Today Show just now than about anything else I can think of.

    Geeter Ji Yo!!!

    Neilan Tyree
    New York City

  4. klar4230 Says:

    Loved you on the Today Show Geeter!

    Beach Volleyball and the AVP definitely gained at least one new die-hard fan during these Olympics- ME!

    Wish I could be in Mason next weekend to see y’all but I plan on coming out this winter when you stop in Omaha!

    Lincoln, NE

  5. Jerry G Says:

    Man Chris
    You are awesome I wish to hell I had a guy like you on my team. What a way to fire up a crowd you should be doing motivational meetings. Keep up the energy pal.
    Gerald Galleshaw
    Gotta fly travel
    No. providence RI

  6. Jim Says:

    Geeter, great blog/updates. Made me feel as if I was there even though NBC put everything on here in LA with a 3 hour delay even though they said it was live. I watched/was informed of everything on the web and then later saw it. I can’t wait for Manhattan Beach, the granddaddy!

  7. Maria Says:

    Hey Geeter!! I could hear you above anyone on the television. It was like I was right there at an AVP event. You always do such a great job. How fitting that it was an American sweep with you there to announce!!

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