Rogers: We did it!!


And we did it…After many long, close, and tough matches we did it!

Game 1 was a must-win battle and we won 23-21.  In Game 2, we made a few mistakes which resulted in us losing 17-21.  Then came Game 3….there are not many Game 3’s in the Olympics gold medal match but Todd and I found ourselves in a MUST-WIN Game 3 scenario.  If there is one time in an athlete’s career to get fired up, it is the gold medal match!  Game 3 began and I got in a zone…you know that feeling some people describe where they aren’t really thinking but just doing?

Where everything comes together and you are just in that “ZONE”? well, we found ourselves there and pulled through 21-4 and won a gold medal for ourselves, our team, and our country.  It was one of most memorable experiences of my life to see the American flag raised and hear USA’s national anthem on that podium.

There will be nothing better than getting on that plane back to the United States with both the men’s and women’s gold medals in beach volleyball.  Congratulations Misty and Kerri!  I want to take my hat off to the other USA Olympians.  Jake Gibb, Sean Rosenthal, Elaine Youngs, and Nicole Branagh fought a good fight and represented the USA  with class and dignity.  But before getting on that plane, there will be some definite celebration.  We will head over to the basketball arena to cheer for Team USA and watch them win Gold.  Check out for pictures and video!


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8 Responses to “Rogers: We did it!!”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Great win for you, for the U.S.A. and for the sport. I can honestly say (and regretably now) that I had never followed beach volleyball and/or the AVP before, but I just bought my tickets for the AVP in San Francisco!

    You guys were such fun to watch and I am thankful I was able to watch it!!!

  2. Arizona Charlie Says:


    Just wanted to let you guys know how much we have loved watching you in Beijing. What a boost for the sport! Beach Volley Ball in PRIME TIME! Now, everyone I talk to is a beach volley ball fan.

    And what a way to finish! The match was so exciting my kids where jumping up and down on the sofa, and I didn’t even care! I’m so happy for you guys. Conditioning pays off, eh?

    Congrats from my whole family, my friends, my neighbors, and everyone here in Tucson. Hope we get to see you play in Ohio next week.

    Woo Hoo!


  3. Heather Says:

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job guys!!!!!! I loved watching you two being a Cali girl myself I now reside in AZ. Miss the beach. I had you two pegged from the first match I saw you in. Congrats, have fun, celebrate, take in Beijing. What about London? Where do I get info to see you play??? I need to know!!! Way to go guys!!!!! Have fun!!!!!

  4. klar4230 Says:


    New huge fan right here of the AVP and beach vb in general!

    I wish I was at home in Ohio and not working in NE so I could see y’all next weekend….but hopefully catch you in Omaha this winter!


  5. Kelli O'Brien Says:

    CONGRATS!! You 2 were amazing!! you made me worry a little bit at the beginning but you pulled through! congrats on the gold & i hope to see you guys play again very soon!!!!

  6. Joe Manzo Says:

    That is the way to represent the USA and the world. Everyone who was watching this sport has become a fan. Being a native Southern Cali person, I just want to say SANGRIA.!! Oh yeah and have a safe flight home. Congrats and way to play strong and also recognize your fellow olympians who also fought and played well.

  7. Maria Says:

    As a long time fan of the sport, I am SOOOOO proud of you guys, especially you Todd Rogers!! You’ve been playing so hard for years and I’m so excited that you finally have a gold medal!!! Keep workin hard boys. Hope to see you on the beach soon.

  8. Kelly Witt Says:

    FANTASTIC JOB. Set 1 was awesome, close though, yall had it together. Set 2 was a bit odd, but SET 3 OMG, yall were on FIRE. I’ve watched beach volleyball before, but this was over the top. Congratulations to you both and the women’s team too. PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN. Such blessings to you, Todd and Phil. I think everyone played exceptional and with such precision. Glad to have you both back on American soil.

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