Rogers: Gold in Beijing


Phil and I did it!  A crazy but wonderful last 2 weeks.

In the semis we played Georgia and pretty much crushed them with scores of 11 and 13.  We both played very well.  Phil was banging jump serves and stuffing balls and I sided out well and was scooping too.  They did not play anywhere near as well as they did against the Netherlands the match before us.  I am sure they are very dissapointed in the way they played but I think their fourth place finish is pretty impressive considering that they were supposed to take a 9th at best.

In the finals we played Marcio and Fabio from Brasil.  They have had a really rough season this year.  They won an event in Marseille to confirm their entry into the Olympics but other than that their best finish was a 4th this year.  The win in Marseille came with a very weak field as most teams took it off to rest.  Considering that they won a bunch of events in 2007 I would say this year has been a big time struggle.  It was nice to see them play well and get to the finals.  That being said, I still very much wanted to beat them.

I felt that during the first two games both teams played pretty solid ball.  I came out slow but picked it up as the first game went on and we were able to pull out a win 23-21.  In the second I felt like we were in control but then at 13-10 the Brasis went on a 4 point run due to some very good serving by Marcio.  They continued their excellent play and won that game 21-17.  In the third it was all Phil though.  He was in the zone and put Fabio into a telephone booth.  Really impressive performance by Phil in which I feel that he cemented his status as the best player in the world.  He came up huge in the biggest match and then game of his career and that is what the best player in the world does.


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