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Gold medal pictures

August 22, 2008

AVP Blog: Todd & Phil clinch

August 20, 2008

Todd Rogers and Phil Dalhausser clinched a medal today as they crushed Georgia 21-11, 21-13 in one of the quickest match in the Olympics. The victims of the Dalhausser/Rogers beatdown were Renato Gomes and Jorge Terceiro…those names may ring a bell as they are native Brazilians that became Georgia citizens to compete in the Olympics. Because of the country quota system on the FIVB, only two teams from each country are given Olympic berths. With Emanuel/Ricardo and Marcio/Fabio receiving the berths, Gomes/Terceiro found other means to the Olympics through Georgia.

On Friday (Thursday evening in the US), Todd and Phil will play against Brazil’s Marcio and Fabio, who upset reigning gold medalists and Brazil’s number 1 team of Emanuel and Ricardo 22-20, 21-18. Kerri
Walsh and Misty May-Treanor will compete for the gold medal in the women’s final Thursday (Wednesday evening in the US) against China. If they succeed, they will make history as the first team ever to win consecutive gold medals in beach volleyball. The win will also mark
Kerri Walsh’s 100th victory.

AVP Blog: The wait is almost over

August 19, 2008

On Tuesday morning (with Kobe Bryant and Lebron James cheering in the stands), Talita Antunes and Renata Ribeiro fell to May/Walsh Misty 21-12, 21-14. They will defend their Olympic Gold on a few days as they face No. 1 seeded Chinese team Joan Tian/Jie Wang.

With 107 straight match wins and three consecutive world championships in their back pocket, they are not stressing out about the hometown advantage China will have at Chaoyang Park.

Yesterday, the sun set on Jake Gibb and Sean Rosenthal’s shot at an Olympic medal. They battled against Brazil’s reigning gold medalists Ricardo/Emanuel point for point but at 12-12, Emanuel/Ricardo took the lead and would not relinquish it resulting in a 21-18, 21-16 defeat over Gibb/Rosenthal.

Brazil continues to be a powerhouse in beach volleyball. They are ahead in the beach volleyball medal count and will be able to add more to their resume following these games. Not only are the two aforementioned Brazilian teams in the semis, the No. 15 Georgian team that surprised everyone by making it to the final four is made up of Brazilians-turned-Georgian citizens, Renato Gomes and Jorge Terceiro.
They became Georgian citizens to avoid the rule that limits each country to having only two teams representing it in the Olympics.

Congratulations to the “Redeem Team” for crushing Germany last night 106-57! Many of our AVP athletes have had the opportunity to attend and support the basketball team the past couple weeks just as they have been doing for us!

Stay tuned for more from the Men’s Semifinal where Rogers/Dalhausser with face Georgia’s Georg/Gia!

AVP Blog: Update …

August 18, 2008

Some good news … some bad news.

Unfortunately, USA Women’s team Nicole Branagh/Elaine Youngs were eliminated from Olympics competition as the Chinese defeated them in two games. With the hometown China crowd drowning any USA cheering at Chaoyang Park and a few service errors Nicole and EY will now be on the sidelines cheering on the rest of Team USA!

And some good news! In two games, Phil Dalhausser and Todd Rogers advance to the semi-finals. In a close game 2, Phil and Todd put it away 24-22 making an all-Americal final that much more a reality. Stay tuned for updates from Gibb/Rosenthal later tonight!

AVP Blog: Day 8 update

August 16, 2008

Well, the first round of single elimination is over and all four American teams advance to the quarterfinals.

Yesterday, the world got to watch Kerri Walsh celebrate her 30th birthday in typical May/Walsh style as they defeated Belgium in their first round of single elimination play. It was a rocky beginning but Misty and Kerry found their groove and won in two straight. They will face Brazil’s Ana Paula and Larissa in the quarterfinals tomorrow.

Nicole Branagh and Elaine Youngs saw similar success as they cruised past Cuba’s Fernandez/Larrea 21-15, 21-13. They move on to the quarterfinals to face China’s Xue Chen and Zhang Xi. If they win
tomorrow, they will have to face a hometown again in the semi’s, this time Tian Jia/Wang.

On the men’s side, things were a little tougher. In a match too closer for comfort, the Swiss duo of Laciga/Schnider gave reigning world champions Dalhausser/Rogers a good fight after losing game 2, 21-16. After the game 2 loss, the Swiss found themselves with a 6-0 lead in Game 3. Just as quick as the Swiss gained their 6 point advantage, Phil and Todd rallied to take the lead and never gave it back. They won 15-13 and advance to the quarterfinals on Monday.

In similar fashion, Jake Gibb and Sean Rosenthal went point for point against Spain’s Herrera/Mesa in game 1 but finally pulled the win 26-24. With Rosie’s Raiders, the Gibb clan, and fans chanting “Superman” and “Big Nasty”, Gibb/Rosenthal went on to finish the match in two games, knocking Spain out of play. Rosenthal lived up to his nickname as he recorded 10 digs against Spain. Gibb/Rosie advance to the semi-finals where they will face Brazil’s reigning gold medalists Ricardo/Emanuel. Neither team has to worry about a hometown advantage as China was eliminated by Germany this morning in two straight games.

Also this evening was Kerri Walsh’s 30th birthday party. Hosted by Lenovo, the party was a great chance for some of the Olympians take a break from volleyball and enjoy Beijing! Attendees included May-Treanor and Casey Jennings.

AVP Blog: Day 7 update

August 15, 2008

First off, I want to take a moment to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KERRI WALSH!!!!!!

Pool Play wrapped up yesterday with 3 out of 4 of Team USA going undefeated. All of our teams advance to the single elimination round with May-Treanor/Walsh and EY/Nicole playing today. Tomorrow, Phil/Todd will play Switzerland’s Martin Laciga and Jan Schnider (9am Beijing)…if and when they win, they will face the hometown duo of Wu Penggen and Xu Linyin in the quarterfinals.

Unlucky for Brazil, both of their women’s teams are on Misty/Kerri’s side of the bracket. Brazil’s Larissa Franca and Ana Paula Connelly will face May-Treanor/Walsh in the quarterfinals. The No.2 seed will be the toughest team Misty/Kerri will face in the Beijing Olympics.

Jake Gibb and Sean Rosenthal earned the No. 6 seed after coming out of pool play undefeated. It was a close one last night as they went to their first Game 3 to come out on top 18-16. Tomorrow, they will face Spain’s Pablo Herrera and Emanuel Rego of Brazil (8pm Beijing). If and when Jake and Rosie win, they will face reigning Olympic gold medalists Ricardo Santos and Emanuel Rego of Brazil.

All of the American teams (women and men) will not face each other until the gold medal match on August 22….Hopefully we see a repeat of the Atlanta Olympic Games!

Pictures from Beijing

August 14, 2008

AVP Blog: Day 5 update

August 13, 2008

In their last match of pool play, Phil and Todd clinch their spot for the elimination tournament that begins Friday! After a rocky start, the No. 2 seeded American duo (host country China takes the No. 1
seed) plowed through Argentina’s Conde/Baracetti in two games 21-12, 21-13.

Down the road from Chaoyang Park, Michael Phelps continues to amaze the world as he flew his way across the pool in the 200M fly and won another gold medal. Breaking the world record by :00.06 seconds, Phelps got one step closer to surpassing former USA swimmer Mark Spitz’s 7 gold medals in one Olympics. Phelps’ medal count: 4 gold in Beijing, 10 career gold medals, and 2 bronze medals.

After watching Phelps’ rack up gold medal number 4, it got me thinking…if Phelps does not surpass Spitz’s record of seven gold medals, will his Beijing run be considered a monumental disappointment? If he goes 7/8, 6/8, 5/8, or gasp…even .500 with 4/8 (which all by the way would get you in to Cooperstown’s HOF), will all of Phelps’ success be in vain? Would his dinner at the White House be taken away? Would he be dubbed the Phil Mickelson of swimming…or even worse, the 2000 Portland Trailblazers?

AVP Blog: So far, so good

August 12, 2008

Well it’s Day 4 of Olympics competition here in Beijing. Here is a brief recap of everything that has gone on since Opening Ceremonies…

Saturday, Day 1:
9:00 a.m. — President George W. Bush makes his way to the beach volleyball venue to attend Misty and Kerri’s practice. After passing the ball with the duo, Dubya chatted with Misty about her tattoos and volleyball skills.

6:00 p.m. — Nicole Branagh makes her Olympics debut with bronze-medalist Elaine Youngs and defeated Netherland’s Kadijk/Mooren 21-19, 27-25 in Round One of pool play. Unfortunately, the first day of play did not fare as well for Phil and Todd.

Sunday, Day 2:
After a practice with George W. Bush yesterday, the “hot ticket” of the Beijing Olympics seems to be the beach volleyball venue at Chaoyang Park. With Jason Kidd in the stands today, Misty and Kerri begin their quest for another gold medal as they beat Japan’s Kusuhara/Saiki 21-12, 21-15 in Round 1. Although the match was somewhat uneventful, there was no shortage of entertainment and suspense at Chaoyang Park on Sunday! During her first match in Beijing, Kerri’s wedding ring flew off her hand as she went up for a block. The rest of the match was played and then Kerri’s other quest for gold began. With the help of NBC, officials, volunteers, staff, and metal detectors, the ring was found in the 17,000 tons of sand at Chaoyang Park.

9:00 p.m. — Heavy rain, thunder, lightening, and frogs! In a sea of thousands of bright yellow ponchos (handed out to everyone at the venue), Jake and Sean continue their streak as they defeat the Netherlands in two quick games.

Monday, Day 3:
6:00 p.m. — The stars keep flocking to the beach volleyball venue as Kobe Bryant makes his way to Chaoyang Park to see Nicole and EY take down Germany’s Rau/Pohl. Not even a full 24 hours after leading USA Basketball to a monstrous win over China last night, Kobe was all smiles as he took in some (smoggy) sun, sand, and beach volleyball.

When asked about why he chose to attend, Kobe responded ” To support our girls, that’s the first thing. And the second thing is to see one of the greatest players of all time in Emanuel. I heard he was just The Guy. So I came out here to check him out. And that’s what the Olympics is about, really — supporting your country and then seeing people who are really great at what they do. And get an opportunity to watch what they do. That’s special.”

10:00 p.m. — Phil and Todd come back…with a vengeance and a new look. Sporting a new look of red, white, and blue Oakley sunglasses with no lenses, Phil and Todd looked nothing like the tea.m. that lost to No. 23 Latvia on Saturday night. The Thin Beast and Professor were back in full-form as they dominated the Swiss tea.m. of Heyer/Heuscher 21-15, 21-10. Their next game on Wednesday will be in the morning so we are all very curious as to whether they will continue to sport the lucky lense-less glasses.

Tuesday, Day 4:
9:00 a.m. — Misty and Kerri continue world domination as they took down Fernandez Grasset/Larrea Peraza from Cuba 21-15, 21-16. There were no flying rings or metal detector today though- Kerri wrapped her ring finger in protective tape and will continue “certainly for the rest of the Olympics,” she said. “I can’t lose this thing. I didn’t know I was superstitious about it until it fell off”.

10:00 p.m. — With a few Rosie’s Raiders in the stands at Chaoyang Park, Jake Gibb and Sean Rosenthal take the court to defeat Germany’s Brink/Dieckmann 21-15, 21-13. The “ABC’s” of beach volleyball (a.m.erica, Brazil, and China) continue to stay strong with the only loss being Phil and Todd’s in Round One.


August 5, 2008

No country has ever had gold medalists from both the men’s and women’s side in the same year. Well that could change in August as eight of the AVP’s best will be strutting their stuff in Beijing for this year’s games. Stay tuned to this blog site as all eight players will be posting throughout the Olympic Games.