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Sean Rosenthal: Greetings from Beijing!

August 10, 2008

Everywhere I turn I’m reminded of how special these games are and how lucky I am to be a part of them. Right now I’m watching Reid Priddy and the us mens indoor volleyball team battle it out vs. Venezuela. The level that they are playing at is incredible and inspiring. I can’t believe how good Ryan Milar is in transition. He can go from blocking outside to hitting a quick set in the middle faster than anyone I’ve ever seen, except of course my partner Jake Gibb! Jake and I play against our good friends from the Netherlands tonight however for that hour or so that we are battling, we will be anything but friendly.

So much can happen so fast here in Beijing. During the opening ceremonies I was speaking with the president of the united states one minute, taking a picture with Kobe Bryant the next and before I knew it I was in a tunnel, marching out to a stadium that was filled with 100 thousand screaming fans and another billion or so watching on tv.

Priddy heavy stuff… especially when I think back just three years ago when Jake, Mike Dodd (our coach) and I put making the Olympic Team as the first priority of our Team. Now on to #2 on our list of things to do… Bringing home the gold!