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Kerri Walsh: Ni Hao, everyone!

August 19, 2008

It’s Tuesday afternoon here in Beijing and it’s been an amazing day! Misty and I won our match this morning against Brazil and now we’ve made our way into the finals! Our first goal has been accomplished and now our sites are set on our second goal–the gold medal!!

Our match was great! We played pretty well, and had a great time; winning tends to be good times! Afterward, Misty and I had the chance to meet some of the members of USA Basketball who came to the venue to watch us play. Mist and I did media, signed some autographs and then were ushered into this tiny little room where the boys were hanging out. First person I saw when I walked in was my dear friend, Chris (Geeter) McGee followed by Kobe, Chris Paul, Kidd, Price and Lebron.

It was such a trip!! Just the knowledge that they would take the time to come and watch us play was AMAZING, but then to have them wait so we could meet them properly was truly insane! They all seemed like great guys; all very excited to be at the Olympics and to be doing as well as they have been doing. If the look in their eyes is any indication of how they’ll end up here in Beijing, all I have to say is WATCH OUT WORLD!! They are on a mission, as are we, and hopefully we can all accomplish our goals and make our dreams come true.

What a day! All my love, a big hug and smile from Beijing. Tonight we go to support our women’s indoor team in their match against Italy and then the preparation begins for our match v. China on the 21st. Please keep sending your love and good vibes our way. We love it, we need it and we appreciate it. It all helps!