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Jake Gibb: Yeeeeeeeees!

August 13, 2008

My first Olympic win. Sheez that felt good! I’ll remember that feeling for a long time. Warming up on the outside court and hearing the crowd in the stadium and getting butterflies every time.

MD’s pep talk before we entered the stadium. Skipping into the stadium after Geeter’s intro. Putting away an overpass to get out the nerves for point 1.

Warmed up in the pouring rain and then it came down harder in the match. Hardest rain I’ve ever played in by far. FIVB Brazil final 06 was 2nd and we didn’t handle the rain very well in that match but I think I learned a few things in this one: First you can’t hit the side of the ball at all. I forget how much we chop the ball in our sport by hitting one side of the ball to control it one way or the other. Hand would just slip right off the ball and I hit 2 line hits out trying it against NED last night. Second hand setting and jump serving is near impossible. With rain pelting you in your eyes its hard enough just to see the ball. And third just want it more. That’s what we kept telling each other.

The match was great to win and now I wish the Dutch the best of luck.

“Super Thin Beast” and Bram (Boersma n Ronnes) are good friends of ours and I hope they can get out of pool play. They are a great team and went 3-0 against us last year. We got 2-0 now this year so we owe em 1 more.

Anyways, I’m fired up to play the Germans tonight! It’s a big game for both teams and we’re gonna come out with some fire.
BTW MD’s pep talk before the match. He said “everyone feels nerves and there are two ways to handle it. You can deny you feel them and fight it until it consumes you. Or you can embrace it and go out and have the time of your lives.” I had the time of my life!


Sean Rosenthal: Greetings from Beijing!

August 10, 2008

Everywhere I turn I’m reminded of how special these games are and how lucky I am to be a part of them. Right now I’m watching Reid Priddy and the us mens indoor volleyball team battle it out vs. Venezuela. The level that they are playing at is incredible and inspiring. I can’t believe how good Ryan Milar is in transition. He can go from blocking outside to hitting a quick set in the middle faster than anyone I’ve ever seen, except of course my partner Jake Gibb! Jake and I play against our good friends from the Netherlands tonight however for that hour or so that we are battling, we will be anything but friendly.

So much can happen so fast here in Beijing. During the opening ceremonies I was speaking with the president of the united states one minute, taking a picture with Kobe Bryant the next and before I knew it I was in a tunnel, marching out to a stadium that was filled with 100 thousand screaming fans and another billion or so watching on tv.

Priddy heavy stuff… especially when I think back just three years ago when Jake, Mike Dodd (our coach) and I put making the Olympic Team as the first priority of our Team. Now on to #2 on our list of things to do… Bringing home the gold!



Jake Gibb: Opening Ceremonies … Ok so that was cool!

August 10, 2008

I went to practice today and “Dubya” was there standing on my court. Yeah George W. Bush! I was asking Rodgy (who was on our practice court at the time) if that was the court we had reserved and someone called my name. I turned around and was looking straight at Dubya himself. MD, Rosie and I stood there and talked to him for like 5 to 10 min. He asked me my story of where I’m from and we talked basketball a bit.

What stuck out to me was that he was super engaging and into the conversation at hand. He didn’t look like he had places to be, which he obviously did, but he stood and talked about how tough the sport of beach volleyball is and how hard it is to move in the sand for him.

Now Opening Ceremonies was incredible! Long but incredible! We got our uniforms on and went with all the USA athletes to a holding area. This was maybe the coolest time of the night for me because we were with all the athletes from all the different sports. The Mens basketball players were the stars of the group for sure. They were all super cool and took endless photos with all the athletes. I talked to my two favorite Jazz players D Williams and Carlos Boozer. Both were super legit.

We then went to another holding arena. This time with all the other countries and waited for our turn to walk towards the Birds Nest. We finally got into the tunnel and you could hear the crowd and I felt like I was walking into the Coliseum. MD, Rosie and I got to walk together and it was be a feeling I will remember for the rest of my life. All the athletes chanted USA as we entered the arena. What an honor!

Well now that is all over and it is time to compete. I can’t wait to get out there tonight and fight for every point.


Jake Gibb: Aug. 6

August 6, 2008

I haven’t worn the carbon filter mask yet. No one seems to be wearing them and I haven’t heard any horror stories?? I might still throw it on every once in a while.

I was trying to write last night but had to go to orientation. This place is pure energy! It’s so killer walking around the village with all these amazing athletes and trying to guess what they do. The village is a brand new apartment complex that’s huge. They will rent them out for “high end” housing after the Olympics. The ‘birds nest”, which is where Opening Ceremonies and track n field will be held, is insane. It looks like something from an animated movie.

They completely take care of us here. We have food cafeteria with any type of food you could imagine. From McDonalds to Chinese food to breakfast cereals etc… The Americans have basically two apartment building to ourselves. All the individual countries hang flags from their rooms balcony. Everyone wears their countries uni’s or Olympic gear. Dirk Nowinski was in the cafeteria today with his German team. Rafael Nadal came through the airport when we did. He was absolutely mobbed like you wouldn’t believe by paparrazi. They give us these little coke bottle key chains that you swipe at any coke machine to get cokes, water, gatorade etc. They want to keep us hydrated cause it’s so freaking humid and hot here. Even at night I had to take off my jacket outside. We are rooming right next to the woman’s Dive team. They are all 5 footers but cute and told us they almost went into beach volleyball!? Joking around obviously. We share an apartment with Mike Dodd and Troy Tanner (Misty n Kerri’s coach). Rosie n I share a room and they both have their own until Phil n Todd get here tomorrow.

Coming through the airport they fast lane all the athletes through customs then we are taken by bus into the athlete’s village with police escort. The USOC guide was telling us how much the Chinese governmemnt has done as far as cleaning up this place like with painting old building along to route to the games etc. It looks amazing and they are definitely ready for the world. The Chinese helpers couldn’t be any nicer and they all love any attempt at “Shay Shay” (thank you) or Knee how (hello). Those are written how you pronounce it not spelled correctly I’m sure.

I’m gonna go work out now. They have a nice gym for us and I get to go train on center court tonight. It’s good cause all our games are at night. During the day would and will be brutal with heat and humidity.

Anyways, I’m sure there’s more to come, but the first 20 hrs have been unbelievable!